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Sling with Padded Shoulder Strap

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  • MEDICAL GRADE – The Soles arm sling is crafted from high quality breathable and comfortable fabric laminated over 5 mm of supportive foam for enhanced support and stability of the arm and the elbow, with a padded shoulder strap to help reduce pressure during prolonged use, and a thumb loop to assist the wrist.
  • RELIEF FROM PAIN AND SWELLING – The Soles arm sling is designed for maximal support when stability is desired for recovery from injuries or surgery of the ligaments, joints and bones of the arms, elbows, and shoulders such as a torn rotator cuff, tennis elbow, or a fractured arm.
  • ADJUSTABLE – The Soles arm sling is features a fully-adjustable shoulder strap attachable anywhere on the sling surface, making it easy to find the most comfortable angle and positioning for recovery.
  • DURABLE – The Soles arm sling is designed with extended, prolonged, all day and everyday use in mind. See product details for cleaning instructions.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT – Fits adults of all ages where the measurement between the wrist and elbow joint is between 10.2 to 14.1 inches, or 26 to 36 cm. Suitable for the left and the right arm. The sling has ample space to accommodate a cast, or other orthopedic products.

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